Saturday, 4 September 2010

Another choir one

These are getting a bit forumulaic but that's commercial work sometimes. Hopefully these will get licensed then I can do some more to order.

I found myself wondering - if it wasnt for the digital approach's forgiving nature and undo feature would I have been better off doing them with traditional oil pastel.


Marcelo Vignali said...

I can almost hear the church organ and soft singing.

I was wondering, do they all have to be in the snow? Can you talk you client into doing some in the Spring, Summer or Fall?

Daniel said...

Hi Marcelo,

I'd love to do some for different times of year but greetings card designs seem to have to be very 'safe', in terms of the clients know what sells and aren't in the business of taking too many risks.

If (that's a big if at the moment!) I can find some time of my own to do some personal work then I might have a crack at doing some at different times of year like you say. I could then pitch them to the client.

As an aside, what I'd really love to be doing is the kind of work you are doing but I don't think I'm good enough (yet). Just have to keep reminding myself God has it in control and one step at a time!