Thursday, 28 August 2008

Silver Turtle continued

This is the development work for the silver turtle emblem to go on the aeroplane. I wanted to create a humorous character reminiscent of plane emblems from the WW2 era. For the final illustration I was imagining the logo was emblazoned on the welded and bolted stell side panels of the aeroplane body.
The painting is oil on panel. The drawings are pencil on vellum and tracing paper.

Silver Turtle Concept Sketches

These are development sketches for a story I am illustrating. Basically, its about a plane built by an inventor and his adventurous children. I enjoy playing around, looking through old aeroplane books, and generally just inventing whatever comes to my mind - now the question is 'Would it really fly?'
These sketches were done with pencil and marker on tracing paper.

Restaurant logo character

Some very early development sketches for a logo character I am doing for my friend's restaurant in Shanghai. At the moment we are just trying to find the right 'look'.

The character is based upon a woman from traditional chinese opera.