Thursday, 13 May 2010

3 magi approach Bethlehem

I thought I would try and push the boat out with this one and go for a lighting effect that is outside of my comfort zone. The camels were fun to paint.
Done in photoshop


Shuku said...

Camels! I love the lighting on this one Daniel. Yes, I've been away forever it seems like - not been doing so much stuff of late. Rehearsals have eaten my life! Hope you've been keeping busy and well!

boiredesign said...

Is it possible for me to use this art for a poster for a play about the Journey of the Magi? It if for Word of Life Bible Institute our of Upstate, NY USA.

Daniel said...

Hi. Thanks for your enquiry. This image can be licensed for use through the agency that represent me, Image Source Art Licensing. You can contact them at: