Saturday, 6 June 2009


This is the second angel I did. It took me quite a while to get the face to a stage I was satisfied with. Practise makes perfect!


Marcelo Vignali said...

Wonderful card set. Lovely painting of angels.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm curious to see what game you come up with. Usually I base my game designs on what my kids are interested in.

Daniel said...

Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for stopping by. My son is only 5 months old so I'll have to have a think what I can come up with that will catch his interest.

Hopefully in the future I'll be able to make all kinds of board games for the family to play.

Lynne Chapman said...

Nery nice indeed. I'm not really an angel kinda gal, but this has such serenity - face is perfect. Love the colour palette too.