Monday, 17 March 2008

Giant Under the Snow reworked

I reworked the Giant Under the Snow drawing on vellum paper using graphite and prismapencil.
Hopefully I can go on to develop this illustration into a colour painting.


Shuku said...

This is lovely and crisp! And evocative too - are prismacolours so difficult to find in UK? I hadn't thought it; they're not that hard to find here which is surprising! (My set dates back from...20 years ago, good grief.)

All your watercolour studies are -lovely-. The old man reminds me of my operating theatre days at the hospital.


Daniel said...

Hi Shuku,

Thanks for stopping by. Interesting you say that about that old man watercolour as I did originally use it in as an illustration about a man who had died in an accident :S

You used to work in an operating theatre? As a surgeon or........?

Shuku said...


Lord no, everyone would be in trouble if I were a surgeon! I was PA to a surgeon, and I had to be in the operation theatre to take notes/record certain operations that needed it. I managed to get in some surreptitious sketching time on occasion. That's the only thing I miss about it - otherwise, it was way, way too cold in there!